Amazing Benefits of a  Luxury Waterfront Home near Lakewood Ranch

RC3C9359.jpgThanks to the Fort Hamer Bridge, our new development of luxury waterfront homes are now located at an extremely convenient distance from Lakewood Ranch. Whether you work in Lakewood Ranch or simply enjoy having quick access to the many amenities of the town, the new access provided by the bridge make our development an amazing value. Not convinced? Then perhaps it’s time to consider the amazing benefits of a waterfront property.

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The first thing most people notice when they get a home on the water is, of course, the peace and quiet. Not only do the sounds of the water and nature create a soothing background, the space between each property also works wonders to keep your home on the water a peaceful place. If you need somewhere to retreat from the world after a long day at work, you can sit outside and enjoy a truly magnificent view.


Fences only do so much for your privacy, and any fence large enough to maintain your privacy is going to ruin any view you may enjoy. Compare that to a nice body of water, which not only guarantees you the space you’re looking for, but also allows you to enjoy your privacy with a gorgeous view.RC3C3875.jpg


Of course, no one can look at a home on the river without thinking about all the fun activities water access provides. You can put in a dock, and take out boats. You can swim, or fish. You can even take out a kayak, wakeboard, or jet ski if you’re really feeling up for an adventure on the water. And with it just outside your back door, you’re far likelier to make these activities a normal part of your life—meaning you’ll be healthier and happier.Kayak-brochure.jpg


For some people, there’s one thing and one thing alone that makes a house on the water a worthy purchase—its value as a safe long-term investment. Over time, any other property you purchase may lose value to unwanted neighbors and other distractions. A home on the water, however, will maintain its value through the simple efficiency of a limited supply: you can only fit so many homes on a single waterfront.

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