Don’t Have a Boat? Where to go Fishing in the Sarasota Area

June 22, 2018

If you're a Florida Suncoast fishing enthusiast (or soon to be one), you understand how few experiences compare to dropping a fishing line in Florida waters on a blue-skied day. Whether fishing from a pier, a bridge, or pristine coastline, Sarasota is bound to have the fishing spot that works for you. You won’t even need a boat to experience the thrill of a big catch!

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Stay Cool And Keep The Kids Busy This Summer At These Fun Filled Splash Parks

June 18, 2018

Looking for ways to stay cool this summer and entertain the kids.  Check out some of these great places to keep cool and let off steam.

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10 Things That Make Sarasota the Perfect Place for Your Second Home

June 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a new place to call home or a second residence for the winter months, Sarasota, Florida is an ideal location combining year-round gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, world-class cuisine, and cultural opportunities. With so much to do, even if you intend to purchase a second home, before long you may find it’s your favorite home.

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Top 10 Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy on Florida's Gulf Coast

June 11, 2018

Summer time is upon us.  Discover all of the fun things that you can do with your kids this summer. Living on the water offers more than just boating and fishing, you and your family can also enjoy these top ten area activities as well.

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Top 5 Leisurely Activities Near The Islands Community

June 4, 2018

Located on the beautiful Manatee River, The Islands community offers a host of leisure activities to fill your time. From boating to biking and golfing, you’re sure to find leisurely activities to fill your time when you live at The Islands! Some of the most popular leisure activities can be found right at your doorstep, and Sarasota and Tampa are nearby with their own cultural activities, restaurants, and more.

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Top 7 Advantages to Having a Private Boat Dock

June 1, 2018

If you own a boat, having a private dock has many advantages over keeping your boat in a marina. At The Islands on the Manatee River, you can add a private dock if you’d like, and enjoy the following boating advantages:

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Parks and Preserves to Visit Near The Islands Community

May 31, 2018

The Islands on the Manatee River is located near several parks where you can enjoy native wildlife, hike, kayak or canoe, or just relax. The following parks are conveniently located near The Islands:

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Fun Day Trip Destinations to Enjoy in Florida

May 23, 2018

Florida's Suncoast offers a relaxing lifestyle with white sandy beaches, warm winters and beautiful homes. Bordered by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you can enjoy year-round outdoor activities and exciting day trips to some of Florida's most popular places.

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“Friendly Neighbors” Takes on New Meaning on the Manatee River

May 14, 2018

The Manatee River is a lush and peaceful waterway located near Sarasota and Bradenton on Florida’s west coast.  In this pristine natural environment, many new homeowners are getting to know the locals up close and personal.  The Manatee River is teeming with many diverse forms of wildlife and it successfully sustains a delicate balance between human and wildlife populations. It’s an enviable setting, perfect for nature watching above and below the surface. Here are five fascinating neighbors residents enjoy at The Islands, a coastal community along the river where nearly every home has access and a boat dock on the river:

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